Making Planning Work: A guide to approaches and skills (2006)

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The Development of Planning Thought: A Critical Perspective


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Regional and Local Economic Development

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Place Identity, Participation and Planning

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Book-Programmes! Programmes!: Football Programmes from War-Time to Lockdown

Programmes! Programmes!: Football Programmes from War-Time to Lockdown

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Saturday, 21 February 2015 09:34

ERASMUS + the young Eyes project

Erasmus+  is an EU programme supporting education, training, youth and sport. In 2015 Cliff worked with the partners in the Young Eyes project to develop a set of Guidelines for the delivery of the project.  

New Evidence on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Territories: ESPON results by summer 2010,  First ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report (2010) Co-author.

Territorial insight: Where to focus what types of investments: ESPON Results by early 2013, Second ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report (2013)  Co-author.

Territorial Dynamics in Europe: regions integrating Land and Sea, ESPON Territorial Observation No.8 (2013)  Co-author.

Territorial Dynamics in Europe: Gateway functions in Cities, ESPON Territorial Observation No.9, (2013)  Co-author.


Science in support of European Territorial Development and Cohesion, Second ESPON 2013 Scientific Report, December 2013 (2014)  Paper peer review and language editing.

Europe’s Neighbourhood from a Territorial Perspective, Report from the ESPON Internal Seminar in Paphos, Cyprus 5-6 December 2012 (2013) Co-author.

Territorial Dynamics in Europe: European Neighbourhoods, ESPON Territorial Observation No.11, (2014)  Co-author.