Flashback to Cliff Hague's Diaries in Planning 1986-2006

Friday, 10 July 2020 16:10

What price education?

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With politicians asking questions about the value of higher education, and some universities fearing financial ruin as a result of Covid-19, time to revisit one of my 2002 columns for Planning.

Friday, 05 June 2020 15:36

Amsterdam and AESOP 1987 (Part 2)

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Local history and a trip to a Planning Committee meeting. The second part of my Diary as published in Planning on 11 December 1987.

My "Diary" article in 1987 records the formation of the Association of European Schools of Planning, AND of the Scottish Torquay United Supporters Club (which has not proved as long-lasting).

Friday, 29 May 2020 11:54

Lord of the (Pineapple) Rings

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In a week when my term of office as President of the Royal Town Planning Institute came to a close, I also faced being made redundant.

Saturday, 16 May 2020 11:42

Berlin June 1989 (Part 2)

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The second and final part of my Diary in Planning from June 1989. You can read the first part by clicking here.

Saturday, 16 May 2020 11:28

Berlin, June 1989

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A chance to read my monthly Diary in Planning from June 1989, which starts in Berlin just months before the Berlin Wall came down. It also looks at the Adam Smith Institute's ideas for privatising streets - an idea that might be revived post-Covid19? Of course there have been many gated communities developed in the meantime.  Click here to read the end of the article.

In June 2000 my regular column in Planning reflected on design quality in German towns, the Blair Gpovernment's Urban Task Force, and ways in which predictive text created bizarre proposals in students' work.

Friday, 01 May 2020 11:04

Planning for a car-driven future

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"Good design can discourage cycle use, make roads safer and restore pavements to pedestrians and parked vehicles..."

Monday, 13 April 2020 12:01

Life as a Planner in 1973

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Back in 2006 I wrote an article in Planning, which recalled my working environment in 1973. Here it is.

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