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Book-Programmes! Programmes!: Football Programmes from War-Time to Lockdown

Programmes! Programmes!: Football Programmes from War-Time to Lockdown

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Friday, 24 September 2021 16:20

Stories of a Lifetime in 2000 Football Programmes

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I did an event for the National Library of Scotland in conversation with my son, Prof.Euan Hague from DePaul University in Chicago.  Including the Q&A, this runs for an hour, but is fun! You can access it on You Tube by clicking here. It is based around a Powerpoint that illustrates many programmes which we discuss. There are family stories in there, but also the programmes tell the wider story of social and economic change. For example, 1950s programmes carry adverts for TVs and cars; in the 1960s there are good jobs in coal mining being advertised;by the 1970s there is inflation, miners are on strike and there is a 3 day week; 1980s adverts say 'Unemployed? Employ Yourself'. All this, today's offshore gambling shirt sponsors and and the police dog who saved Torquay United from relegation.

The Set Piece Menu podcast discussed the book can hear here, starting just after 58 mins in. There was a follow up the next week starting at 54 minutes and 30 seconds

I did a 10 minute chat on BBC Radio West Midlands, which you can access here, starting just after 40 minutes in. I also did North Manchester FM but that cannot be downloaded. Similarly there has been coverage in the Glasgow Evening Times and in the Scottish Daily Mail, but these are behind paywalls, as is the one on the Planning Resource website.

I have had a lot of positive reaction from early readers. Thanks to all who have bought a copy. It is available from Pitch (click here) or from booksellers.

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