Flashback to Cliff Hague's Diaries in Planning 1986-2006

 A new study looks at what the Dutch have been doing to revitalise the centres of medium-sized towns.

How might Brexit impact on the EU? Will the Netherlands be next? David Evers scratches the scabs.

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In 2004,  David Evers, Ed Dammers and Aldert de Vries wrote a "doomsday scenario" for a disintegrating EU in 2030. It was never published. It is now.

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This blog was first posted on the Planning Resource website on 2 April 2012.

Last week I went to a meeting at the Scottish Parliament about architecture policy. Across Europe the divide between architecture and planning is more blurred than in the UK. So what kind of architecture policies do we see in Europe? What do such policies say and how are they used? Do we need such policies?

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