Cliff has operated as a freelance consultant since 2004. He does research, authors reports and is a facilitator and trainer. While at Heriot-Watt University he was also involved in contract research.

He has worked on numerous projects:

  • With Spatial Foresight GmbH ( ) to deliver research-based reports for the ESPON Co-ordination Unit on European territorial development and policy.
  • With the Royal Town Planning Institute ( to deliver the UK National Contact Point for the ESPON 2013 programme. 
  • As an external expert for the Royal Town Planning Institute on transnational projects within the ESPON 2013 programme.
  • For the ESPON 2013 Co-ordination Unit as a peer reviewer on Sounding Boards for research projects.
  • On European Union INTERREG projects.
  • On other European projects.
  • On Commonwealth, international and global projects.
  • On UK projects.  
Thursday, 07 May 2015 16:10

Informal development reaches Harare's leafy suburbs

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An article in Cities how Zimbabwe's long drwn out economic crisis has helped push people from the land in the hope of finding better opportunities in the city. However, there has not been provision of landand services in Harare to accommodate the new arrivals. Land occupation and informal development is the inevitable result. A decade ago the authorities used planning legislation to forcibly evict some 700,000 people whose dwellings were deemed to be a blight on the city's amenity. as the article shows there are still influential planners who take the view that these "slums" should be swept away and their occupants forced back to the countryside.

However, the article also describes some citizen-led intiatives through which community members are setting their own priorities for planning, housing and sanitation. It makes the case for an inclusive approach in whcih planning works with informality to support the livelihoods of poor people.


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